2019 Annual Awards Dinner and Winners

The chapter's Annual Awards dinner was held at the Vinton War Memorial on 30 April.  The well attended event featured Maj Gen (Ret) Michael "Boe" Boera as the guest speaker.  A 33 year Air Force veteran with over 5600 flying hours and 200 combat missions, he focused his presentation primarily on the 20th anniversary of "Operation Allied Force," the NATO air war over Serbia and Kosovo in early 1999.  He related his experiences as an F-16 squadron commander leading his Airmen against the robust integrated air defense systems of the Serbian army.  The importance of planning for every contingency, adapting to a changing wartime environment, and taking care of Airmen were lessons that can apply to all of us.  It was an informative and heartfelt presentation.
Annual chapter awards were presented to the following individuals for their great performances this past year:
Teacher of the Year:  Megan Graybill
Civil Air Patrol Cadet of the Year:  Lukas Otey (Not pictured)
E.C. Glass HS Cadet of the Year:  Alicia Jackson
Franklin Co HS Cadet of the Year- Christopher Taylor
Patrick Henry High School- Christopher Bohmer
William Byrd High School Cadet of the Year:  Eric Oliver (Not pictured)
VT AFROTC Cadet of the Year:  Domenic Angelo (Not Pictured)
VMI AFROTC Cadet of the Year:  Timothy Scott Hayes
Recruiter of the Year-SSgt Timothy Socha
Chap Members of the Year-  Paul Richardson and Scott Van Cleef 
Congratulations to all our award winners!